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Cost Effective Website Development

Not all websites are equal, not all websites are the same. Compare the,, and, clearly they look nothing alike. Again, compare, and ... clearly, they do not look alike. Site development costs according to the type of site and the complexity of the website.

We offer a wide range of support from ths simplest websites to the interactive CMS sites. We offer brochure websites for as little as $200 for a 5 page brochure site. However, if you need a custom CMS site, we can offer a competitive price estimate.

We offer sites of the following types:

Brochure Websites

Brochure websites offer you the opportunity to advertise your business or product. Brochure websites display characteristic home pages, graphics, slideshows, videos. They include about us, contact, and other typical website pages. Click to let us talk to you about a brochure site.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites allow you to sell products on site. E-commerce sites display products, allow visitors to select items to be added to a shopping cart, and permit the visitor to pay on-line to recieve products. E-commerce sites allow the owner to check inventory of products, support shipping and handling and other activities involved in selling products. Click here to let us talk to you about a custom e-commerce site.

Membership sites

If you have some information to market, or share information, you may want to create a membership site. Membership sites offer the visitor a chance to purchase (or simply register for) the opportunity to read your information, or share information. If you have information to share or would like to create a site to allow other people to share information, Talk to us about creating a membership site for you.

Landing Pages

A landing Page site is a special purpose site for sales and marketing. A landing page combines a brochure site and usually involves some interaction with a visitor. Landing pages provide the visitor with information and asks the visitor to subscribe to something or purchase some item. Landing pages are typically target for online Ads, such as Ad Words. Let us create a custom landing page template for you.

Blog Site

A Blog offers you the an alternate method to facebook to let the world know about your opinions. Blogs off you a simple method for display authoritative information on any topic and allow people comment on your thoughts. Sites can be created to display your business knowledge, your political opinions or any other content you would like to present to the world. For a business, blogs are great ways to showcase the expertise and authority in the area of your product or service.

Facebook Tabs

If you spend time maintaining a Facebook Fan Page for you business and want to incorporate a custom tabs for you Facebook business page, invite use to create a custom Tab or App. We create special marketing tabs for Facebook and your marketing. These tab pages more closely tie your facebook page to your official website. The Facebook tabs and apps may contain any information or application you may like and will be easily accessible to your Facebook business page visitors.

Social Networking Sites

Perhaps the most famous social network site would be facebook. Social network website allow people to register, provide information about themselves in a profile, and offer the opportunity to communicate with others in a wide range of ways. We use the baseline package for Oxwall and customize it to meet your needs. Click to find out more about your options.

CMS Websites

Content Management System (CMS) websites involve any website that requires the use of a database to control the usage of the website. E-commerce sites, social network sites, blogs and forum sites are special cases of the generic CMS Website. Examples of CMS sites would be Yahoo, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and These sites are samples of complex sites that use databases and build the pages as they need via a content management system. Typically, CMS websites involve a login process somewhere and storage of information.

Talk to us, we'll talk about WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zen-Cart, Tomatocart, Oxwall, and many other CMS systems that we can intstall, update and adjust for you to make just the site you need for you website customers. Each of these types of websites are marketed at varying costs because of complexity of the desired site. However, we can assist you with the creation of any of these types of website.

Learn more by contacting us.